About Debbie

Debbie is an accomplished software leader, mentor, and architect with a reputation for having a unique blend of strong technical, operational and mentoring skills. She is known for having created and coached a team that was highly respected for being extremely productive and producing stellar quality, despite being the most junior team. She is a continuous-improvement advocate who is often consulted for advice on team building, development processes, and software architecture.

Demonstrated Competencies

Collaborative Coaching & Mentoring
Software Design & Implementation
Talent Development
Managing Remote Teams
Operational Efficiency

Photo of Debbie

Debbie is a top notch architect with an astonishing ability to quickly consume large amounts of data on complex problems and requirements, then refine and organize them into elegant technical solutions. She is a team player, always focused on producing desired results and extremely well suited to guide and mentor teams to become self-sufficient and productive.
    B.K., Product Manager

Debbie was the most effective and influential manager that I've ever worked with. She maintained a perfect balance of being respectful to individual needs while still pushing her team to demand more from themselves.
    G.T., Quality Assurance Manager

Debbie has been an excellent mentor and guide to me through the early years of my career. Debbie is very technically adept, detail-oriented and a great software architect to work with. I've always been impressed with her ability to look at the bigger picture and make sound technical/business decisions. She's extremely talented and a great fit for any team.
    M.K., Software Architect

Debbie has an amazing grasp of the complete range of technical and development topics. As a techie she is amazing, but she also somehow manages to teach you stuff by making you think that you worked it out for yourself. It is only later that you realize a kind word here, a quick tip there is what led you to being able to produce your best and solve whatever puzzle you were trying to cope with.
    A.M., Technical Support

Debbie has been a great partner in both collaborating on designing new solutions and also managing the process from design to commercialization. She has been a great manager and leader of her team and built and sustained a strong group in terms of morale and competencies.
    S.B., VP Sales