For software companies

Talent development services
to maximize the productivity of software talent pools
Software architecture services
to ensure quality architecture

  • Software architecture services: design or review
  • Rapid talent development through online courses and on-site workshops addressing the skills gap between what developers learn in school and what you need them to know
  • One-on-one mentorship to accelerate development of high potential talent
  • Mentorship for new teams and start-ups needing advice on the realities of the software development process
  • Mentorship for teams experiencing issues in software quality
  • Recruiting and interviewing talent
  • Assistance using university and college co-op/internship programs

For universities, colleges, and students

Student mentorship
to increase job placement rates
Specialized technical training
to increase student marketability

  • Online courses and on-site workshops addressing the skills gap between what developers learn in school and what businesses need them to know
  • Software-specific resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • Mock interviews for software roles
  • Advice on roles available in the software industry and which are suited to the student's interests, personality, and skills
  • Advice on how to fast-track the career path and how to gain a competitive advantage
  • Advice on course selection depending on the chosen role
  • Advice on building a professional network
  • Advice on what to consider when comparing job offers
  • Assistance deciphering technical co-op/intern and full-time job ads
Courses and Workshops
Designing Global Software: Internationalization, localization, globalization Online Workshop
Designing Diagnosable Software: Logging, monitoring, Nagios plug-ins, SNMP, Syslog Online Workshop
Big Data, Hadoop, and Cloud Computing: A non-technical introduction for everyone Online  
Careers in Software: Real professionals talk about their roles in the software industry Online  
New Graduate Survival Guide: What I wish I knew before I graduated Online  

For developing software professionals

A corporate mentorship program shows your employees that you are making an investment in their future, resulting in higher loyalty and retention rates. Mentorship advances the development of your talent pool at a more rapid pace, allowing your company to remain ahead of the competition by maximizing the use of talent. Companies incur significant cost in recruiting talent but then miss the opportunity to maximize the return from that talent.

There are certain skills that seasoned software developers have learned on the job. These skills, if learned early, increase a junior or intermediate developer's value and increase the developer's opportunities for advancement.

Where does a new manager go to get advice from someone experienced? Managers can approach their supervisors, but are often reluctant to do so for fear of appearing unqualified for the position. An external mentor can be approached without fear of judgement.

For students

As a student, there were times when I wished I had a mentor -- someone who had already been down the path I was just beginning so I could ask...

  • Which roles am I best suited for given my interests and personality style?
  • Which courses will have the most impact on my chosen career path?
  • What else should I learn if I want a competitive advantage?
  • How do I decipher this job posting? Each employer uses their own terminology and acronyms.
  • What should I consider when comparing job offers?

A mentor can...

  • Shorten the student's learning curve
  • Open the student's mind to new possibilities and opportunities
  • Coach the student on how to promote oneself
  • Advise on how to gain a competitive advantage when seeking employment
  • Build confidence